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Secure Calls & Messages Application for Android or iOS
Fully encrypted calls
Secure messages
Group chats (up to 12 contacts)
Semi secure calls
PBX/Telephony Integration
Encryption ON by Default
Hashing Personal Data
Self-Destructing Messages
Safe File Exchange
Protected Voice Messages
Metadata Encryption
***Available for Whitelabeling
Subscription to Kaymera OS intalled on Premium Smartphone
Application Security
Physical Data Extraction Protection
Encrypted Chats & Calls
Secured Group Calls
Safe Data Exchange
Owner Physical Security: Chameleon Mode
Panic Mode
Security Status Monitoring
***Latest Google Pixel device
Cloud or On-premises Centralized Security Command Center
Secure Communications Apps
Secure Communications Platform
Supporting Infrastructure
Software Licenses
System Connectivity & Hosting Services
Secure Voice Communication Infrastructure
Secured Data Gateway
Deployment Instructions
Personal Account Manager