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Kaymera Technologies Collaborates with Argus Cyber Security to Protect Vehicles Against Cyber Attacks


Argus and Kaymera have joined forces to offer vehicle manufacturers a comprehensive AI-based solution to detect, prevent, and respond to attacks targeting electronic control units (ECUs) running Android operating systems. The solution will send alerts to Argus Vehicle Security Operation Center Solution for further analysis and response.

Kaymera CipherBond App Debug Logs Handling Issue. FIXED.


Summary Kaymera Technologies has announced today that a critical vulnerability was found in our app, examined and remediated – increasing our stronghold protection, firm and reliable more than ever. The vulnerability was related to a debugging level that led to log meta data…

Kaymera Announces Addition of Dani Haloutz as Chairman of the Board


Today, despite the fact that usage of mobile devices to conduct highly sensitive business activities is essentially obligatory, professionals and organizations are at exponential risk to threats targeting devices and their operating systems.

Digitpol: Kaymera Mobile Security Solution


Highly secured mobile phones with military-grade encryption, Digitpol has partnered with Kaymera an Israel OEM that develops the world’s most secured mobile phone.  Digitpol is an approved supplier of military-grade solutions to governments and the corporate sector.

Kaymera High-End Mobile Security and CODALTEC Announce a Strategic Alliance for National Security


Bogotá DC, November 23, 2021 – The Corporation of High Technology for Defense CODALTEC, a company belonging to the GSED [Defense Social and Business Group] of the Ministry of National Defense of Colombia signed a Strategic Alliance with KAYMERA High-End Mobile Security to provide access to the most…