Kaymera uses machine learning for stronger, faster, more agile mobile security


New Adaptive Mobile Threat Defense solution balances productivity with intelligent, risk-based security for both Android and Apple iOS devices

Kaymera Technologies Ltd, the leader in mobile security for enterprises and Government organizations, has today launched its Adaptive Mobile Threat Defense (AMTD) solution, which uses machine learning to give dynamic, risk-based and contextual responses in real time to threats and attacks against devices.

Kaymera AMTD works on both Android and Apple iOS devices, and is built on Kaymera’s Context Aware Risk Engine (CARE).  This uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to monitor multiple threat and attack indicators, and to assess the risk of any action by the user or device in real time.  When a risk is identified – either on the device or from a connected network – AMTD automatically adjusts the level of security enforcement to immediately mitigate the issue, based on its context and the sensitivity of the resources being accessed.

AMTD uses three security layers to protect against all types of mobile risk and attack:  detection, augmentation and mitigation:

  • Detection focuses on identifying a broad range of device and network-based threat indicators, from network anomalies to OS-level vulnerabilities, potentially malicious apps to unusual user behaviours
  • Augmentation analyzes risks in context to determine the appropriate mitigation actions according to who is using the device (the user’s seniority and exposure to sensitive information); where the device is being used (for example, in a high-risk country); how it is being used (such as being connected to public WiFi);  and when (such as in a commercially sensitive meeting).
  • Mitigation intelligently enforces security and compliance policies based on the level of risk identified while taking into account both rich contextual information and data, resulting in more accurate alerts and fewer unnecessary restrictive actions.

AMTD enables on-device security policy enforcement for both organization-managed and unmanaged devices.  For organizations using MDM/EMM solutions, the Kaymera solution integrates with them and adds strong security measures such as encrypted communications and automatically connects to a VPN when needed.  It also delivers effective, server-based security policy enforcement for managed and unmanaged, BYOD phones, giving users alerts with recommended security actions to ensure employee privacy, or in some cases, revoking access to company resources in the event of severe threats.

Avi Rosen, CEO of Kaymera said:  “No two organizations are the same in their use of mobiles:  different users and functions have different protection needs. But that security needs to be strong, risk-based and context-aware across mixed estates of managed and unmanaged devices.  Our Adaptive Mobile Threat Defense solution continuously analyzes the smallest changes on devices and their connections for any signs of risk or potential attacks, and responds by applying accurate and intelligent security protections in real time.  This gives the perfect balance of protection and usability, without compromising either requirement in any environment.”

Kaymera AMTD is backed by a powerful, versatile central management system which enables continuous real-time monitoring of the organization’s overall mobile security posture and risk levels, as well as the health of each device.  It monitors usage patterns and provides real-time visibility of security threats to enable IT teams to respond quickly to any potential threat using remote enforcement capabilities.

Kaymera also offers fully hardened and secured mobile phones, based on selected high-end mobile devices (including Google’s Pixel), which Kaymera applies its own secure version of the Android operating system and its proprietary security architecture which addresses all mobile threat vectors.