Kaymera High-End Mobile Security and CODALTEC Announce a Strategic Alliance for National Security


Bogotá DC, November 23, 2021 – The Corporation of High Technology for Defense CODALTEC, a company belonging to the GSED [Defense Social and Business Group] of the Ministry of National Defense of Colombia signed a Strategic Alliance with KAYMERA High-End Mobile Security to provide access to the most powerful and versatile defense platform in the world against threats in mobile communications to the Colombian market.

KAYMERA High-End Mobile Security and its two solutions: the Military Grade Encrypted Smartphone [CipherFort] and the Military Grade Encrypted Communication Mobile Application [CipherBond] integrate the most secure mobile communications platform in the world, which is key to proactive protection and predictive intelligence that enables mobile device users to stay ahead of all the threats and sophisticated cyberattacks they face today.

KAYMERA Technologies, Ltd. is a company based in Herzliya, Israel; founded in 2013 by veterans of the cybersecurity industry with deep knowledge and experience in mobile communication security and defense against cyber attacks. KAYMERA solutions have the most advanced technology in the world for Military Grade cyber defense which offers an unmatched level of security in government, personal, and business mobile communication.

Oshri Asher, CEO of KAYMERA Technologies highlighted:

“We are here to build something for long-term, so partnering with such a highly experienced and well-respected company like CODALTEC not only creates new business opportunities for Kaymera in the region, but also gives us a chance to stand behind our We will provide our best expertise and innovative approach to mobile defense to our new strategic allies, and are happy to become a part of advanced security solutions for the governmental entities of Columbia through this partnership”

Stas Levitan, VP Revenue of KAYMERA Technologies also highlighted: “Establishing strong partnerships with local value-added resellers and leading system integrators has always been one of Kaymera’s igniting powers on the way to becoming a global leader in mobile security. The distributorship agreement with Codaltec in Colombia is an important milestone in deepening our presence in Latin America. I am confident that a partnership with such an important local player will help drive Kaymera’s business in the region to a new level, and will be mutually beneficial”.

CODALTEC is a corporation dedicated to scientific research, technological development, and innovation in the modeling and construction of simulators, sensors, radars, and technological management; is recognized as an international benchmark in the development of technological solutions for the defense sector. CODALTEC is one of the 19 entities of the GSED that support the mission of the Military Forces and the National Police in Colombia in guaranteeing National Defense and Security.

After the signing, the CR (RA) FAC Felipe León Giraldo, General Manager of CODALTEC said: “The alliance will offer military-grade technology for the protection of voice, data, files, videos, and images, on mobile devices against Latent cyber threats, generating security and peace of mind for its users ”.

This alliance was made possible by INVICT Disruptive Capital and INVEZT Disruptive Capital, strategic allies of KAYMERA Technologies, Ltd. for its expansion in America. Víctor Tiburcio, CEO of INVICT and INVEZT highlighted: “This alliance will allow reinforcing security in mobile communications in the public and private sector of Colombia through the experience and support of CODALTEC, we are facilitating the access of users to the Graduate platform The safest military in the world to anticipate and protect ourselves from the constant and sophisticated cyberattacks that users of mobile devices face ”.

CODALTEC is ready to meet the needs of the Colombian government and security entities, as well as organizations and business groups that need to protect their communications and mobile devices against all existing threats and cyber attacks. At this time, there are several organizations in the country that already use KAYMERA High-End Mobile Security solutions and are communicating with maximum security and the best user experience.

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